Dear Community Members,

In light of the horrific events in Gaza and other parts of the Arab World, the Arab American Cultural Center of Oregon (AACCO) board of directors has decided to cancel the Arab Festival which was set to take place August 3, 2014.

As Oregonians and Arab-Americans with familial ties to the region, our hearts are breaking and we cannot celebrate at this somber time. The AACCO Arab Festival represents an important opportunity for our community to come together and it will be back. We thank you for your understanding and support. We know you will keep the victims in your thoughts.  The Festival is largely supported by donations from our community and generous sponsors.  At this time, we encourage these donations to be directed to organizations that can ease the suffering of the people affected by these tragedies.

Dr. Hadi Nouredine
President, AACCO
On behalf of the AACCO Board of Directors